We provide organic & sustainable gardening/landscaping consulting & on-site services using all organic/natural materials. We use highly fertile soil mixes enriched with ingredients like neem seed meal, alfalfa meal, compost, and many more for excellent plant growth and neem oil for plant health & protection. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals!
Please give us a call or send us an email. We will visit your location at your convenience to evaluate what is needed in order to both beautify and make your gardening area healthier. We cover all locations in the Greater Houston Area. Our first consultation visit will be absolutely FREE with no obligation. After evaluation, we will provide you with a service estimate within 24 hours. We can beat all competitors' prices. If you find any company offering the same services with similar products, please send us  a copy of the quote and we will not only match the price but will also give you a 5% discount on our services.

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