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We are driven by a single goal
To do our best in making Mother Earth a cleaner, more sustainable place for all

Our Company

MEC Global is a team of professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, forestry, and agricultural-based products who are intent on providing their customers with organic & natural solutions to their home, gardening and agricultural needs.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy.png

We pride ourselves in making our products in the USA using domestic and/or global ingredients. We believe that the power to impact the world lies at the individual level.

Customer-First Approach

We are dedicated to providing organic/natural products & services to our customers. We are always striving to ensure our products & services meet our customers’ expectations. 

Environment & Sustainability
Earth & Sustainability.png

MEC Global wishes to ensure a greener future where our customers transition away from potentially harmful synthetic chemicals to sustainable products that do not have toxic effects on plants, soil and the surrounding environment.

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