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This Magic Mix is an all purpose soil supplement. It is a concentrated mixture of solid ingredients and water, and it also contains particles that do not dissolve in water. It can be used both in farms/gardens and pots. It works faster than solid ones and results would be visible in 2-3 days and then continues working for days. All our ingredients are either OMRI Listed or NOP Compliant. Increases your yield without increasing the cost of your nutrient plan. 


We thank and support all American farmers/gardeners. Would you like to place bulk orders? We have special prices for you, please contact us via phone (281-902-9327) or email ( We provide free consultation and can develop customized formulations for your crops.


Made in the USA of US & Imported Ingredients.

Magic Mix G - All Purpose

  • Neem Cake, Blackstrap Molasses, Sodium Nitrate, Gypsum, Epsom Salt, Rock Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Humic Acid, Water.

  • Shake the container well and mix 1 part of this product with 2 parts water. Apply 2 oz - 16 oz around a plant or tree depending on its size. Repeat every week. Usage rate can be varied with type and size of plant or tree. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and keep the container closed.

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